Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel was the second stop on our five-night cruise on the Carnival Paradise from Tampa. Four of us got a taxi and did a tequila farm/Mayan ruins tour for $20 per person (plus $8 for admission to San Gervasio). The tequila farm was cool even though I don’t drink tequila (except in margaritas)! It must have been good because my friend bought a very expensive bottle. They also had lots of tequila sampling in the duty free shop outside the ship that everyone took advantage of! The Mayan ruins were OK; I think because I’ve seen such awesome wonders like Angkor Wat that they seemed a little boring to me. Plus it was so hot. I did love seeing all the big lizards though! After our tour we got lunch (overpriced like everything near the pier), did some shopping, and then drank and got mini massages on the “beach” in Puerta Maya (Carnival’s port area).

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