August Pinterest Party: Earrings

One of by “31 by 31” goals is to “have monthly Pinterest parties”. I had my first one today! There were four of us total, which isn’t a lot but we had fun and plenty of room to work on our projects. I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, watermelon berry sparklers (I used strawberries instead of raspberries, oops!), and a cream cheese appetizer that didn’t turn out so well (should have baked for longer). My mom made salsa and Cindy made curry date guacamole. My mom had all of her beads and feathers out and I had a big bag of Scrabble letters. We each made three pairs of earrings! I made a red pair to match a dress I’m wearing on my upcoming cruise, a blue pair that’s kind of “aquatic” for the cruise, and a purple feather pair to match my purple highlights!

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2 thoughts on “August Pinterest Party: Earrings

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