10 Day You Challenge: 9 Loves

1. Traveling. I have been to 34 countries and 24 states and hope to visit many more.

2. Movies. Especially in the theater.

3. TV. I think there are like 20 shows on the air that I watch every year. And I’m usually catching up on at least one series that isn’t on anymore (right now I’m on season four of The Shield).

4. Reading. That’s good since I want to be a librarian!

5. My cats. Bella in Korea and my two future kittens.

6. My friends and family. I think that is an obvious one.

7. Blogging. It’s an awesome hobby.

8. Party planning. Right now I’m planning my stepsister’s baby shower.

9. Food! Which isn’t a good thing. LOL.


2 thoughts on “10 Day You Challenge: 9 Loves

  1. Oooh party planning was a good one! It is so much for coming up with all the fun details 🙂 Thank you so much for taking the time to link up–can’t wait to read your answers next week.

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