Weekend Update

Friday night I had dinner with my BFF Breanna and our old friend Steve, whom I hadn’t seen in years! It was so great catching up that I forgot to take a photo… Here’s one from the last time we got together (Christmas 2008!).

Saturday was a bum day… I didn’t leave the house!

Sunday was Breanna’s son Easton’s first birthday party!!

I bought a lot of stuff this weekend! Baby shower decorations, supplies for my cake decorating class, the book for my LIS 519 Youth Programming class (sounds awesome! we make lots of crafts), an owl laptop sleeve, a world map and cork roll so I can make my own “Where I’ve Been” map, a scale (the diet starts after the cruise!), and a painting and photo frame from my artist friend Brittany (I was her first customer!).

I scanned a bunch of old childhood photos to upload to Facebook. This one’s my fave:

I’ve been into taking photos of food… We have a lot around the house since my mom’s so into gardening. And she pickles okra every day!

I planned my first “Pinterest Party”. I want to have one once a month! Next Sunday we will make earrings. 🙂

I signed up to volunteer for the Preschool Outreach Program with Buncombe County Public Libraries. Training is September 10th and I will be reading books to preschoolers twice a month for nine months.

I found out about the Charleston Young Adult Book Festival and I sooooooooooo want to go!


3 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. Love the frame! I love framing pictures. The old picture you found is so cute too! Annnd the pintrest party sounds like a great idea, I actually haven’t heard of that before but I may have to copy your idea there =)

    • well i just made it up but i’m sure other people do it. we’re going to make a craft and i’m going to have a drink, dessert, and appetizer already made for everyone to enjoy!

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