3 on Thursday

3 on Thursday

Tell us about your 3 favorite vacations,

or any upcoming vacations you have planned.

These are places I have been to and want to visit again!

1. Bali.
I don’t know why I loved this place so much; there are many gorgeous places to visit in Southeast Asia. But I was really enchanted by Bali: the people, beaches, temples, rice terraces. I would love to live there.

me and a curious monkey in Ubud

2. Italy.
I loved Cinque Terre and Venice. Italy is just magical. Wine is cheaper than water! And the food is amazing. I want to go back and visit the Amalfi coast.

gorgeous views while hiking in Cinque Terre

3. Mexico.
Gorgeous beaches, margaritas, Mexican food. If only those drug lords would stop decapitating people than it would be all good. I really want to visit Oaxaca for the Day of the Dead one year.

crystal clear waters in Costa Maya


3 thoughts on “3 on Thursday

  1. That picture of you and the curious monkey is fabulous! I’ve been to Oaxaca (not for day of the death though) and would love to go back. You know…if tourists stop being killed!

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