Christmas in July

When I arrived home from the airport Monday night, there were so many goodies waiting for me! First, my mom had a bunch of Christmas presents for me. Look at all the good loot I got…

photo album

pagoda (for my Asia-themed room)

elephant candle and windchimes


vintage map

hot stone spa

floating frames


Christmas candles

Victoria’s Secret


so many scarves!

Then I had to go through all of my mail that had piled up for the last 13 months.

drawing of Katy Perry by my friend Bobby

my friend Karen’s wedding invite

a HUGE pile of magazines

my first Birchbox

Phi Kappa Phi certificate and pin

And, I had to unpack my bags from my trip, including all the cool souvenirs I got!

ger and camel art from Mongolia

nesting doll and bag from Moscow

ring from St. Petersburg

keychain and earrings from Warsaw

souvenirs for family

new book 🙂

Last but not least, there were delicious wild raspberries waiting for me. Yum!


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