Mongolian Steppe & Ger Stay

This was an amazing overnight tour and hands-down the best part of our trip to Mongolia. It was arranged through our travel agent Lupine Travel and Golden Gobi Guesthouse.

We had our own personal driver and guide who picked us up from the hostel in the morning. The first place we stopped was a rock pile shrine. Drivers stop there to walk around it or leave an offering for a safe journey. Some drivers just drive by and honk! We’ve now seen many of these shrines throughout Mongolia and Russia.

Next we stopped at and climbed up two rock formations. The first one had a cave. The second was Turtle Rock. At Turtle Rock we also got to ride a camel!

We had lunch at a family’s ger in Terelj National Park. It was surprisingly good. Bread with fresh cream, meat and potato soup, and khuushuur.

After lunch we hiked to a nearby temple. (OK, Daniel and the guide hiked all the way while the driver and I stopped and chilled about halfway through the hike.) We had some fresh yogurt when we got back to the ger as well.

In the afternoon we visited the enormous Genghis Khan Statue Complex. It was awesome! You can take an elevator to the top of the statue to get up close and personal. We also tried on some imperial Mongolian clothing.

Finally we arrived at the Kazakh family’s ger camp where we were to spend the night. We had tea and snacks, explored their camp, ate dinner, and went to bed! It was an exhausting day.

The next day we listened to one of our hosts play the tovshuur before departing. We drove to another town where Daniel and the guide took a horseback ride to a temple. The driver and I drove to meet them at the temple for a picnic lunch since I am afraid of horses. Then we headed back to Ulan Bator. What a trip!


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