Hanoi Hostel (Hang Vai)

We enjoyed our stay at Hanoi Hostel as well as the two trips we booked through them (City Tour and Halong Bay). The price was definitely right at $15 a night for a private room with AC, cable TV, free wifi (computers in the lobby as well), and a minibar! (But no bathtub as it says on the website.) The price also included breakfast, which was watermelon, a banana, tea, and coffee and then either eggs and toast with butter and banana jam or ramen noodles. Candy and some of the staff members were really helpful while others seemed clueless and need better training. (I told them our toilet was broken twice and it was never fixed; eventually Daniel fixed it.) Also they lock up the hostel around 11pm so if you want to get in after that you have to bang on the metal doors! They never told us they locked up either; it would have been nice to know that before going out for the night. At the Hang Ma hostel they have a nightly happy hour with free beer. We only went once because there was only one other person there when we did. In fact, the hostel seemed quite dead and we never saw very many people at all. There isn’t really a good common area for people to hang out in. But I hope more people will stay at Hanoi Hostel in the future as it has a lot of potential.

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