Kuang Si Falls

I loved Kuang Si Falls!! Definitely the highlight of my trip to Laos. I booked a half-day trip through a travel agent in Luang Prabang (180,000 kip total for this trip and a half-day Pak Ou Caves trip). There was an extra admission fee of 20,000 kip. The water was a gorgeous blue color and very cold! Which was refreshing. There are lots of little swimming holes, picnic areas, changing rooms, and a rope swing. Make sure you walk all the way to bottom of the main falls area as it is stunning. I didn’t walk to the top of the main falls but people who were in my group did and they said it wasn’t worth it. There is also a bear rescue center near the falls. The bears were hanging out in hammocks; it was so cute! Also, please be respectful of Lao culture and wear a shirt over your swimsuit. There were signs posted everywhere which many foreigners ignored. How rude!

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