Hong Kong Day 2: Peak Tram & Parks

Unfortunately on my last day in Hong Kong it was rainy. But I had to go to the Peak before I left! I bought the Skypass which includes round-trip tram tickets and the Sky Terrace 428 for HK$65. Well, going to the Sky Terrace 428 was pointless. This is what I saw:

So I’m bummed I didn’t get to see any amazing views. The Peak Tram was still awesome though!! Really steep!

Oh yeah, on the way to the Peak I got scammed by a fake Buddhist monk. He gave me presents and had me sign in a little book that asked for donations. I gave him HK$100 but he wanted HK$200 (US$26)!! Greedy con artist. By that point I was figuring out I had been duped. I said no and walked away.

After the Peak, I went to the Hong Kong Zoological & Botanical Gardens, since they were nearby and free. Saw lots of cool animals! My new favorite bird is the scarlet ibis.

Then I went to Hong Kong Park, as it was also nearby and free. Not too exciting but there was a cool walk-in aviary.

Last I visited the Central–Mid-Levels escalators, the longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world. What a disappointment. It’s not an escalator, but a series of moving sidewalks! Oh well.

As predicted, I have so many Hong Kong dollars left! I spent less than HK$50 on transportation that day and around HK$200 on food. I also bought an umbrella (HK$30) and People magazine (HK$36, almost the same price as America!).


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