Travel Tuesday

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What’s the funniest thing that even happened to you while traveling? This can either be an actually funny story, or something that was terrible at the time but is funny when you look back now.

The first thing that comes to mind is when we visited Kutna Hora while living in Prague. When we were waiting to catch the train home two trains came at the same time and we didn’t know which one to get on. We got on the wrong one and missed the right one. Luckily we got off the wrong one so we sat and waited for the next train. A train pulled up about half an hour before the next train to Prague was scheduled. We sat there for half an hour, and then watched that train pull away. It was our train! We missed the train TWICE! Idiots.


3 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday

  1. Haha oh no! At least it didn’t make you miss a plane flight or anything. 🙂 I’m finally writing my funny story now – should be up within the hour. 🙂

  2. Haha! We did something like that when we lived in Germany. We used to remember train routes by #’s…so before the trip we’d memorize 4 to the 12 to the 8…or whatever. But one trip we forgot to REVERSE the route to get back home and accidentally went way far out of the way. LOL At the time…not funny…but I love to give my husband a hard time about it now.

    • your trip to atlanta sounds awesome! i wanted to comment on your blog but can’t (since i’m in a non-english speaking country i can’t understand the google sign in page!).

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