Thirsty Thursday

Pink grapefruit margaritas!

I only have 48 hours left in this country I’ve called home for two years. So crazy. Monday was the only chill night I had this week. I made tacos and we watched Mad Men and Game of Thrones. Tuesday night I went out for Thai food and Cold Stone with Lorin, Sabina, and Dominic. Last night I met Ohee for shopping and Baskin Robbins, then did bar trivia at Traveler’s. I did something spontaneous for once and went to Lorin and Sabina’s after trivia to drink more and shoot off fireworks… And play a prank on Dominic. LOL. Tonight I’m meeting Jinhee for dinner then tomorrow I am going for spicy bulgogi at my favorite Korean restaurant. Saturday I’m starting a five week backpacking trip in Hong Kong!

ice cream with ohee

silly boys with fireworks

me and sabina

P.S. To Trish, one of the hosts of this link-up (since I can’t comment on your blog because when I sign into Google it changes to Korean!): You should totally travel alone! I have been to L.A., Tokyo, Thailand, Singapore, and Bali by myself. (And I’m about to go to Hong Kong and Laos alone.) At first I was kind of scared but now I enjoy it. I wouldn’t do a cruise by myself, mostly for pricing reasons (they charge for two people to a cabin) but any other trip I’d be game! None of my friends can ever afford to travel so if I want to go I am now confident enough to go with just me!!


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