High 5 for Friday

1. I finished my ethics final paper at 1am! I think I did a pretty good job summarizing the literature on library censorship.

2. I am going to pick up my Russian visa at the consulate today. One more step closer to the Epic Asia Trip, which starts four weeks from tomorrow! Next I need to get my Vietnam visa, which can be done online.

3. I haven’t gone out to eat at all this week, which is an accomplishment for me. I cooked all four nights! But that’s gonna get ruined this weekend starting tonight because…

4. I’m going to On the Border for dinner! Haven’t been there in awhile and I’m looking forward to some good Mexican food, even if I have to go by myself! I don’t mind, it’ll give me a chance to do some reading. I’ll also be downing a few margaritas, in preparation for…

5. THE LADY GAGA CONCERT TONIGHT! Super excited. This is my favorite Gaga song.

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