Weekly Update

When I wrote my last weekly update, I was about to go on a coffee date with Ohee. We went to Cafe La Lee on Pangyo Cafe Street where we enjoyed delicious desserts and had a mini photo shoot.

Then that weekend I went on the Jindo trip.

Last week was pretty chill, except for Tuesday. We went to wing night at Traveler’s where I indulged in two pounds of chicken wings. Later that night we ended up eating bulgogi too. (Daniel had met a Redditer visiting from China who wanted to try Korean BBQ.) I had a disgusting meat hangover the next day!

Friday we went to the Russian consulate to get our visas. It was complicated to find and when we finally did we had to wait in line for an hour even though there was only one person ahead of us! Because that person was a travel agent who had like 200 passports to submit. Not exaggerating. Ugh. I have to go back to pick it up in two weeks. And it was expensive (₩144,000)!

Last weekend was low-key as well. Saturday I went to brunch at Butterfinger’s. Sunday I went shopping in Myeongdong with Sabina. I got my Lady Gaga outfit and a pedicure!

stupid mosquito bite scars

Daniel went out with friends, came home wasted, and passed out on Saturday AND Sunday.

Last night I cooked the basil cream chicken that Sabina had made when we went to dinner at their house. It was pretty freakin’ delicious and I forgot to take a pic until Daniel was on round two.

Spring has arrived in Korea! I took this photo right when the cherry blossoms started blooming last week. I’ll take some more this evening on my walk to Sala Thai for dinner. 🙂

I watched the entire series of Homeland in a day and a half! It’s not like other shows I watch but it was really good. And I had dreams about it two nights in a row… That’s how much it gets into your head!! P.S. I think Carrie and Brody should be together forever.

The Justified season finale was last week. Best quotes of the night:
“You know what they’re saying at the office? I disarmed him.” -Raylan
“Oh shit, it’s a piggy bank!” -Quarles

The series finale of Eastbound & Down was Sunday night. You will be missed Kenny Powers. But not your weird blond hair.

Since Daniel’s boss didn’t give them Election Day off, he decided to give them Friday, May 4th off. Which is awesome! We are going to Gyeongju, a city famous for its ancient ruins and archaeological sites. I booked our train tickets and a room at Nahbi Guest House today. We are only staying one night since Daniel has to be back for football that Sunday. But on the way back we have first class train tickets since the economy seats were sold out. Fancy!

Sights of Gyeongju

Also plan to book the 30th birthday cruise this week. And a trip to Hawaii to visit my friend Brandy is now in the works…

This is a really busy week for school (so why am I procrastinating?) with eight projects due. Two down, six to go…

I’ve realized lately I am really going to miss Bella (and Daniel). We’ve been BFFs for awhile now that I’m a stay-at-home mommy to her. My life is going to be so drastically different without them in my life. They’re basically the only people I see and talk to every day (Bella counts as a person). I can’t do much about Daniel, but I’m considering taking Bella back to NC with me now… Wish she didn’t have to have a broken home. She needs her mom and dad!

To end on a happier note… This weekend is the Spring Beer Fest!


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