Ten on Tuesday

Apparently this week’s questions were written by an Australian, which may explain why some of them make no sense to me…

1. Do you prefer fabric or plastic plasters?
So, plasters are Band-Aids? Hmmm. I don’t really know what fabric Band-Aids are. This is confusing. I like Band-Aids with cool designs or characters on them!

2. Do you prefer gel pens, ballpoints, or fine liners for everyday writing?
Um, I could care less.

3. Do you have a fear or needles/dentists/blood (if all three, which is the worst) and is there a story behind it?
I do not like any of the three. I used to like the dentist until my most recent experience of getting my teeth cleaned in Korea. It was so freakin’ painful that I was moaning. My gums were raw. (For the record, I’d had my teeth cleaned in Korea before that with no pain, so it must have just been this particular hygienist). I don’t care for needles, so if I have to give blood I look away. I am afraid of getting a tattoo because of the pain. And I don’t like blood/gore either. I look away at gross parts of movies and when watching a video in a Red Cross first aid class one time, I almost fainted.

4. Do you like jelly? Do you eat it at any time other than when poorly?
Jelly like jam? Because why would I eat that when I was sick? Hmmmm. Jelly in Korea means candy, so I wouldn’t eat that when I was sick either. Well, I like jam but I don’t eat it very often. I’m not a big PB&J or toast person.

5. What are your Easter traditions?
As an adult I don’t celebrate Easter except by eating jelly beans! But I didn’t get any this year. 😦 As a kid, I loved Easter egg hunts!!

6. What’s your favorite book that you have read so far this year?
In 2012 I have pretty much only read the books assigned in my young adult literature class. And out of those my favorite so far is The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. I definitely want to read more of Sherman Alexie’s books!

7. Do you have any magazine subscriptions or recommendations that we should know about?
I get lots of free magazine subscriptions for doing online surveys. My favorite magazine is People!

8. Favorite Etsy store?
I haven’t bought anything on there in a long time (remember I haven’t lived in America in two years). Hopefully that will change when I go home… I’ve seen some really cool stuff on there via Pinterest!

9. If you had play money ($150) that could only be used on shoes, what shoes would you buy?
Whatever ones tickled my fancy at the store! I like TOMS and Le Bunny Bleu.

10. If you were going pet shopping tomorrow, what would you choose?
A Jindo dog! After my trip this weekend.

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