These are a few of my favorite things…

Really bored. I’m sick of doing schoolwork and watching TV and I don’t want to go outside because it’s so dusty and makes me sick. Stumbled across this survey in the blogosphere…

Favorite Color?

Pink and green! Always. I love the preppy combo.

Favorite Number?

83. It all goes back to second grade. Two boys had to pick a number and the teacher told me the number before they guessed. Don’t know why that has stuck with me all these years!

Favorite (Non-Alcoholic) Drink?

Lemonade!! Especially the “Simply Lemonade” brand. Limeade and pink lemonade too. Classic Coca-Cola is a close second.

Facebook or Twitter?

Facebook all the way. I signed up for a Twitter account long ago but I’ve never used it.

My Passion?

Traveling!! I have seen a lot of Asia and Europe and will have visited 35 countries by the time I turn 30 (in August). I still really want to go to South America, Africa, Australia, and India… And many other places!

Bali, my favorite place in the world… So far! 🙂

Favorite Animal?

That’s a hard one. Not monkeys! I now have a fear of them. I used to like pandas when I was a kid (and am excited to see them at the Beijing Zoo in June!). I guess I’ll say cats, since I have a very quirky one. Bella is sleeping in a guitar case as I type this.

Getting or Giving Presents?

I really, really enjoy giving presents. If I know the person well I like to find that special something that I think they will love. But who doesn’t like to receive?

Favorite Flower?

Pink gerbera daisies!


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