Weekly Update

Haven’t posted a regular old update in awhile, since I’ve been traveling for most of March… First to Busan and then to Cambodia and Thailand. I only have two months left in Korea now! I need to plan some stuff to do because I don’t leave my apartment that often nowadays… I am going to Jindo for the sea-parting festival and got tickets for the Lady Gaga concert (she’s kicking off “The Born This Way Ball” world tour in Seoul!).

I’m getting so excited about our big trip and returning home to America! We’ll be back home just in time for the 4th of July and Coon Dog Day. I definitely want to go visit my dad in July and hopefully Wyatt and Callie can come back to NC with us for a few weeks. More recent travel plans: Daniel and I are thinking of going to Niagara Falls after Karen’s wedding in Detroit and Tessa, Kathryn, Adrienne, and I are taking a Caribbean cruise over Labor Day weekend for our 30th birthdays.

The Walking Dead season finale was pretty awesome and season three should get pretty crazy (Daniel even agreed to start watching it again). Of course, the two episodes before the finale were even better, with the deaths of Dale and Shane. Mad Men returns tonight and Daniel is super excited. I started watching Hung while on vacation. I’m on the final (third) season now… It’s not the best ever but entertaining enough to finish the series. Also I can’t believe they killed Mike off on Desperate Housewives! I cried at his funeral. 😦

I went to see The Vow and it was just OK… I thought for sure I would shed some tears but no. Channing Tatum was still hot though. I saw This Means War before that and it was highly entertaining, which was surprising since I didn’t think it would be that good! (Me and my silly expectations.) But I love Reese Witherspoon and both guys in the movie were super hot. Also watched The Rum Diary (OK) and Midnight in Paris (weird) on vacation. The Hunger Games will be here April 5th!

Last night we went to Jinhee and Philip’s house for dinner. Man, what a feast! Spaghetti, Gorgonzola pizza, bulgogi, four kinds of fruit, Oreo cheesecake (which I brought), and waffles! We also played Rummikub, which I had never played before, and it was really fun! Then Daniel and I had a spontaneous night out with friends at Mad Dogs and Traveler’s.

seth and daniel at the mandu stand

Hope to get back to the grind tomorrow. All these vacations have really thrown me off schedule. I need to get back on my WW diet, start walking, and stop procrastinating with schoolwork! Wish me luck. 🙂


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