Siem Reap Day 2: Tonle Sap & Pre Rup

For our second day, Jinhee and I had booked the Tonle Sap Lake Tour through Beyond Unique Escapes. Tonle Sap means “large freshwater river” in Khmer and is actually a massive lake and river system; it’s the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia in fact. The water was very muddy and since the lake is apparently where Cambodia gets most of its fish, I would not recommend eating fish there!

It cost $20 each for the three hour tour, which included transportation from and back to our hotel. We visited Chong Khneas, a floating community home to 8,000 people including Cambodians, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Chams. (The website also said we would stop at Wat Athvea, but we didn’t…) We got off the boat once, to visit a crocodile farm. I’m still convinced at least some of the crocodiles were not real/alive… But whatever. The tour was certainly a nice (cool!) break from temple hopping.

That evening, we had our tuk-tuk driver take us to Pre Rup to watch the sunset ($10). Pre Rup means “turning the body” which refers to cremation; therefore, it was probably used as a royal crematorium. Luckily we got there early enough to get a good spot right on the edge and had a lovely view of the rice fields.

Day 3: Beng Mealea!


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