Oh, How Pinteresting!

Things I’m into lately…

1. Buttons! I definitely want to make some button crafts when I get home. I’ve seen button lamps, framed initials, bracelets, bowls, and even this button clock make out of an embroidery hoop.

2. Melted crayon art! So cool… I am certainly not artistic but this seems like a creation I could make on my own (with the assistance of a hairdryer).

3. Greece! I see so many pictures of gorgeous blue water and whitewashed buildings perched on hills over the sea. Maybe a Mediterranean cruise is in my future?

4. Flowers! On rings, shoes, purses, pillows, and especially this gigantic necklace.

5. Infinity pools! Someday when I decide to travel in luxury instead of on a budget, I am going to stay at a hotel with my own private infinity pool. And it will be amazing!!


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