Weekly Update & Korean Folk Village

Spent a lot of last week continuing my travel planning for our big trip. Booked a hotel at the Kuala Lumpur airport, hotels in Laos, our hostel and three trips in Vietnam (Hanoi city tour, Halong Bay overnight cruise, and cycling day trip), and hostels in Beijing, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Warsaw. Also made our itineraries up until the Trans-Mongolian trip (still have to make for Moscow and St. Petersburg).

Only saw one movie last week! The Descendents was pretty good. Not sure it’s Oscar material but then again this year’s options pretty much sucked. I did like these dresses though:

Michelle Williams

Nancy O’Dell

Penelope Cruz

I’ve started re-watching Deadwood. It’s just as amazing as I remember from the first time around. Already on season two and it’s been taking my attention away from my schoolwork…

Been on Weight Watchers for four weeks and have lost 5.2 pounds. Not as much as I’d wanted but it’s still a good start.

There was another murder in Saluda. It was a friend of a friend (only met him at my going away party to Korea). It seems like it has been a crazy year for my little hometown.

Friday Lienna and I went to Chocolate: The Exhibition at the Seoul Arts Center. I will write a full review of it on our Korea blog, but let me just say: It sucked. I wish I could have my $10 back.

Ohee and I made a blueberry tart on Friday. I still haven’t tasted it since we had to let it firm up in her fridge but she should be bringing some by for me tomorrow. 🙂

Saturday Daniel and I went to the Korean Folk Village in Yongin. It was a fun day, especially since we had free tickets! He is going to write a post about it on our Korea blog, so I will tell my side of the story here. First off, one thing I didn’t like: animals in tiny cages. Especially this cute cow. 😦

Other than that it was a pleasant experience. There was so much to see! Think of it as the Colonial Williamsburg of Korea. There were people dressed in old timey clothes, re-creations of traditional houses, and workshops such as pottery and blacksmithing. These were all outside but luckily it wasn’t too cold! They also had some indoor exhibits like the folk museum and the mask dance exhibit hall, as well as a small amusement park and performances throughout the day.

roasting chestnuts

making silk (beondegi!)

the “public punishment” area!

they offer ferry rides in the summer

sculpture park

farmers’ music and dance performance

acrobatics on a tightrope performance (Photo credit: Daniel Daugherty)

Photo credit: Daniel Daugherty


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