Oh, How Pinteresting!

I got this idea from the blog (re)discovered. (Thanks Aubrey!) I’ve posted quite a few recipes I’ve tried from Pinterest, but here are some other things I’m really into lately:

Mod Podge! I keep finding lots of great crafts that use it like these map coasters. When I get back home I’ll have to have a Mod Podge party since I have no idea where to find it here.

Jewelry! I love this “Penny for your Thoughts” ring. Also when I get home: trips to Michael’s and jewelry making with my mom. Maybe try to find some vintage-y stuff at thrift stores too.

Maps! Like the coasters above and this necklace. They represent my love for traveling.

Traveling! I want to go everywhere. I’ve been lots of places but there are so many more… Like Glacier National Park in Montana.

St. Patrick’s Day! I will be out of town March 11-20 so I won’t get to have a St. Patty’s Pinterest party and try out any cool recipes like these Lucky Charms cupcakes… Maybe next year.

Owls! I’ve been on an owl kick for awhile now. Check out this cute changepurse…

Bright colors! Especially paired with gray clothes. I love gray clothes. I already bought a bright pink backpack this week and I have my eye on some bright tennis shoes from Pony (haven’t decided on an exact color yet).

Native American-inspired clothes and accessories! I bought a sweatshirt and t-shirt that fit into the category on my last shopping spree at Forever 21 and H&M.

Desserts! I bake at least once a week but I think I’ll have to wait until America to make my favorite dessert, key lime pie. I don’t think I’ll be able to find all the ingredients here.

Tattoos! I am really thinking about getting one for my 30th birthday…

Healthy eating! Since I started Weight Watchers three weeks ago, I have to make sure I eat lots of fruits and veggies… Soon I am going to make this avocado salad.

Recipes using unroll-and-fill pie crusts! I was looking for these for months and finally found them. Going to make some jalapeno poppers, baked brie, and these homemade Pop Tarts.

Peacock feathers! Like the tattoo above. And these Toms. I’m also really into Toms! I have a lot of fake ones, but I’ll have to get a real pair when I get home…

Birds! Like this purse. And birds on pillows, rings… Anything!


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