Weekly Update

I’ve had a lovely week since getting back from the Philippines.

Last Wednesday I went to Ohee’s so we could start up our weekly baking tradition again. We made chocolate muffins (her own recipe). Tomorrow she’ll be coming over here for chocolate covered strawberries.

Thursday I went to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I wasn’t sure if I’d like it or not, I’d heard mixed reviews but… I LOVED it!! So good. So good I might see it again! Except for two very graphic rape scenes, I think anyone would love this movie. It’s a great murder mystery/suspense film.

Friday I met Lois and we got hour long foot scrubs/massages. My feet have never been so smooth! They scrape all the dead skin off your feet. It was kind of shocking and disgusting. But amazing at the same time! 🙂

I also made The Best Ever Blueberry Muffins on Friday. They were pretty good, but not “the best ever”. Maybe because I used frozen blueberries and regular milk.

Saturday Sabina and I went to Myeongdong… My favorite Indian restaurant (Om Dristi), shopping at my favorite stores (Forever 21 and H&M), and manicures at Bandi. I literally have not had a manicure in like ten years but it was awesome. I usually only get pedicures because manicures seem to chip so easily but it’s been four full days and they still look great!! Shopping was a success as well: Three chunky sweaters, a Native American-inspired sweatshirt and t-shirt, floral necklace, huge turquoise ring, gray and pink apple scarf, and green velvet flats.

green to match my ring and shoes

sabina got a french mani

Daniel got back Saturday night so we spent Sunday being lazy together. Thai food for lunch, 14 episodes of Arrested Development (finishing the series… until 2013), and delivery pizza for dinner.

Yesterday it was back to the grind. I finally got around to my new years resolution of starting Weight Watchers. Two days in and it’s not so bad. If I stick with it and lose two pounds a week I could be in the 130s by my 30th birthday. And wouldn’t that be a lovely gift to myself?

Also had the most painful teeth cleaning of my life yesterday. It was awful. Then dinner with Lienna at Ho Lee Chow. Last night Daniel and I started to watch The Usual Suspects and Luther but couldn’t get into either one of them. Guess it’s the last season of The Wire up next for us. I am way behind on my other shows since stupid America decided to shut down my websites (Megavideo and Videobb). It’s way more difficult to find good streaming videos now.

Today I just studied and watched it snow outside. My three classes are pretty different. Cataloging and Classification will be the most difficult… It’s pretty complicated and confusing plus the professor is the worst. Really bad at explaining things! Information Ethics seems like it will be pretty easy… Just read one chapter and write one short paper a week. Literature and Related Media for Young Adults is fun but a lot of work. I have read the first two books and they were both way better than I expected them to be. First Part Last I read in one sitting (though it’s pretty short) and American Born Chinese is a graphic novel that I actually enjoyed. Last night I started reading Life As We Knew It, which is our book circle selection, and I am more than halfway finished! It’s so good.

On a related note, I also recently read Nightwoods, which is Charles Frazier’s new book. Very good!

Before we left for the Philippines, we attended the “Seohyeon Gluttony Fest” where our friend Lorin was competing in an eating contest: Finish “The Double JC Burger” (two pounds of meat, eight bacon strips, eight cheese slices, fries, and chili) at Traveler’s in less than an hour. Only one out of eight guys finished! I was kind of shocked. It didn’t look THAT difficult.

lorin “the failure” berballa

the one dude who finished

Two new babies came into the world recently! My friends Kristin and Mitch from Texas had baby Jack…

My stepbrother Ross and his girlfriend Cham had baby Olivia…

Finally found out all the dates for the weddings coming up this year. Ohee & John’s in Kentucky is August 2, Karen & Trevor’s in Michigan is August 18 (not sure if we can go though since we’d have to fly which makes it super expensive), and Chris & Leisy’s on the Outer Banks is September 29. I am gonna be a busy bee this summer! Plus I have to visit my dad, I want to do a girls 30th birthday trip, and I want to go to Boston with Zach for our birthdays.

I decided to add Vietnam on to the beginning of our Trans-Mongolian Railway trip. I want to visit Halong Bay! So I think I will head to Hong Kong at the end of May, then Daniel will join me in Hanoi before we’re off to Beijing.

Also Daniel took off work March 2 so he has a four day weekend since March 1 is a holiday… So we are going to Busan!

Happy the Patriots made it to the Superbowl… We’re going to have a live party here which will start at 8am! What food should I make?

The Oscar nominations were announced and most of the nominated films are coming to Korea this month… The Artist, The Descendents, War Horse, The Iron Lady, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, My Week With Marilyn

OK, I think that’s it!! Bedtime for this bonzo. 🙂


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